You are not alone if you are trying to get over a broken relationship. Everyone experiences the type of grief we call heartbreak at one point of time or another. So if you have had a tragic ending to your intimate relationship with someone, you can mend your broken heart by changing what’s on your plate. Yes right kind of eating can help fight lovesickness! (Read: Coolers to gulp down this summer)Also Read - Andhra Family Treats Future Son-in-Law With 365 Different Types of Food on Makar Sankranti

If you are cranky, check your plate! Yes, your diet can really help you put yourself in a good mood or a bad one. What you choose to eat and drink can majorly impact your state of mind. Dietary changes can bring about changes in our brain structure chemically and physiologically which leads to an altered state of mind. Cranky or hungry?  Munch these and bid goodbye to your gloomy mood. Also Read - 5 Delectable Almond Recipes You Must Try This Christmas

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The essential oils in ginger increases blood flow throughout the body and leave you with a pleasant feeling. This is an amazing remedy to love sickness. The scent of it calms you against anxiety. Add it to your tea or juice to make it more refreshing experience.

Green tea 

Green tea does not only help to maintain your slim waistline but also aids in lovesickness. The green tea has an immense healing effect on your psyche. The vitamin and mineral rich beverage contains tannins which soothes the stomach, intestines and make heartbreak a feel good gut feeling. So go ahead and relish you cuppa green tea.


The staple food of traditional Italian cuisine which is savored by everyone is one of the wonder foods. Consuming pasta in every variation is very much recommended for lovesickness. Pasta contains an amino acid named tryptophan which h converts serotonin , the happiness hormone. This is the actual reason you feel happy eating a bowl full of pasta or noodles.


Having bread gives you a filling experience and satisfies your hunger pangs. But it also lets you feel good through your whole meal bread lasts.


Yes the fermented grape alcoholic beverage can do wonders to soothe your  broken heart. But don’t overdose since it can lead to calling up your ex on phone and turn the situation into a more awkward and embarrassing one. In moderation this drink soothes your mood.


Don’t plan to indulge in a lot of cocktails and booze, instead turn to a healthier option like juice. After extensive amount of indulging in alcohol you feel only worse so take to Juices like sweet lime to quench your thirst as well as ease your pain.


It is the season of mangoes. The smell of a mango is as refreshing as it tastes. And this is what you need exactly now. It calms your senses by bringing neurotransmitters to speed and help reduce the stress.