The one thing about Valentine’s Day is how difficult it is for men to dress to impress women. While we know the staples, wearing formals to impress the woman, there’s a lot more beyond just putting on a shirt, coat and tie. Women love their men to be dressed well and a smartly-dressed man impresses her staright-away. So while you’re sure she loves you in your baggy jeans and tees the rest of the days, the one day when you do make an attempt for her, it is sure to stand out. Now, don’t stand scratching your head in front of the wardrobe. We’ve roped in Celebrity Stylist Archana Dhankar to simplify matters for you. Follow Archana’s tips and this Valentine’s Day, style yourself from the eye of a woman and see the magic unfold. Also Read - 6 Wardrobe Essentials That Every Man Needs to Own

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1. Clean cut basics and earthy tones

Go for smart yet understated style, with lightweight outerwear, clean cut basics and earthy tones. Once you have got the key pieces, this look is all about how you wear it. Avoid garish or over-the-top jarring tones. While V-Day is all about reds and pinks, leave them to the girls.


2. Back to Blue

Pick a shade, any shade, as long as it’s blue. Blue is in trend in this Valentine season and looks great on just about anyone with any body type. Consider knitwear and denim as your outfit’s building blocks and keep the rest of the accessories elegant yet simple. Choose a shade of blue to complement your build and skin-tone.


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3. Chinos 

Whether or not you’re joining the wide-legged trouser brigade, straight-leg or tapered chinos are arguably the single most versatile weapon in styling. You can wear them with a crew neck tee or polo shirt or even a short-sleeved shirt and lightweight jacket.


4. Casual Styles 

Headed towards tropical temperatures and lively cities, this trend is all about easy textures and a tailored but relaxed approach to getting dressed. Focus on slick suede and low key prints to impress your valentine.


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5. Sleeveless Jackets

Oh My word, men look so good in a sleeveless jacket, be it formal or casual. I think sleeveless jackets are a must in a man’s wardrobe especially for those romantic dates and can make anyone look uber-chic.


6. Statement Watch

Whether it is a digital one to keep you all updated or a traditional timepiece you prefer to sport, don’t forget this accessory which is an absolute classic in men’s fashion and would make you stand out with the right pick on this Valentine’s Day.


7. Accessory: Headgear alert

You have many options to choose from when it comes to a hat or cap, depending on your outfit. The ones in trends these days are fedoras, flat caps or newsboy styles. Baseball caps are a great choice for a casual date.


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