Atlanta: Christmas gifts which are meant to bring cheer ended up becoming a nightmare for an Atlanta mother after her 7-year-old son accidentally swallowed an Apple AirPod. Also Read - Realme XT 730G, Realme Airpods-like true wireless earphones will launch on December 17 in India

The child was rushed to the emergency room after he ended up swallowing the AirPod he received as a present. Apparently, he was holding one in his mouth when he accidentally choked on it and swallowed it. Also Read - Realme XT 730G to launch in India before December 20 alongside the Realme AirPods

The mother Kiara Stroud, in a Facebook post, shared a photo of her son’s X-ray that clearly shows the AirPod inside his stomach and captioned it as, ”I can’t make this up. My child, my child. Thanks for all of the prayers. We’re home. No more airpods for this kid.” Also Read - Fingers Audio Pods Review: This AirPods look-alike is impressive

Stroud, in another Facebook post, narrated the entire ordeal and said how she was at her job delivering mail when she got a call from her mother who informed her about her son QJ being rushed to the ER.

Echoing fears of a mother, she further wrote, ”Got an emergency call at work, my baby’s Nana was so calm. Then ended up telling me they were rushing QJ to Egleston and that he had choked on his AirPod and ended up swallowing it. Drove my mail truck back on 2 wheels crying like a baby. Currently waiting for them to remove it. I don’t know why but this only child is going to make sure that I’m the parent that can relate to every mommy’s crazy story.”

Doctors told Kiara that the best option is to just let the AirPod come out on its own, so that means the little gadget is still in his stomach.

Meanwhile, scared of the entire fiasco, his son now says he doesn’t even want his phone near him because he’s afraid it might connect the AirPod in his stomach.

After this incident, the boy will surely stay away from electronic gadgets, it seems!