While COVID-19 numbers increase exponentially, a survey reveals that there is a wide gap between perception and reality. As many as 70 per cent people believe that India has successfully battled against Covid-19, revealed the survey in which over than 8 lakh people from across 300 districts in India participated. Also Read - Lab Technician in Maharashtra Takes Vaginal Swab From Woman For Covid-19 Test, Booked For Rape

Only 18.18 per cent people said that a major cause of the spread of coronavirus is relaxation in lockdown norms by the government, while 60 per cent of them say that main cause of the virus spreading is the carelessness of people.

As the country is still trying to find a solution to contain the pandemic, 12.45 per cent people said that appropriate testing did not happen when the outbreak happened and 9.34 per cent people said that there was a lack of treatment facilities.

Among the total respondents in Uttar Pradesh, 59.50 per cent people believe the pandemic spread in India due to carelessness of people, 18.30 per cent said the reason was relaxation in lockdown norms, 13.17 per cent there is lack of appropriate testing while 9.04 per cent said India lacks treatment facilities was the reason.

In Bihar, 55.21 per cent voted for the carelessness of people, 15.77 per cent voted for relaxation in lockdown norms, 14.17 per cent voted for lack of appropriate testing at the beginning, 14.17 per cent voted for lack of treatment facilities.

In Madhya Pradesh, the numbers were 61.64, 19.47, 11.52 and 7.37 per cent, respectively. In Rajasthan, it is 63.69, 19.13, 10.02 and 7.16 per cent. While in Delhi, the numbers are 58.62, 18.17, 14.55 and 8.66 per cent. The survey was conducted on the Public app.