Lancashire: A 76-year-old woman was left red faced after she forgot her glasses for a trip to the supermarket and accidentally bought a big box of condoms instead of her favourite brand of teabags. However, this hilarious mix-up has made the elderly woman go viral! Also Read - Apple Glasses likely to launch in 2023, AR headset may launch in 2022

The woman, Rosemarie Riley went to Asda to pick up some basic grocery stuff like tea, bread, but she forgot her specs at home. While picking up those things, she confused a bright red box of Durex condoms for a brand of tea and brought it home. Also Read - 'Sexist and Ridiculous': Outrage After Japanese Companies Ban Women From Wearing Glasses At Work

She only realised the goof-up after her husband John Riley, pointed it out. Later, she asked her granddaughter Gemma Riley to return the items and get the refund for them, which left her laughing.

Gemma posted the innocent mistake on Facebook, and the post has gone viral. Here’s the post:

She wrote, ”Soooo nans gone and brought these from Asda thinking they were teabags .And her wonderful granddaughter has the job of returning them, so pleaseee if anyone see’s me returning these don’t judge I know valentine’s is around the corner but I have no use for them, and they cost her £17 alls she wants is her Yorkshire teabags. On another note my day has just got alot more embarrassing but god dam hilarious at the same time happy Tuesday she will be wearing her glasses next time she goes shopping as we are worried what she might come back with next time.”

Gemma , later went the store to return the condoms and explained what had happened to the store owners.