It’s Diwali time! The festival is just a few days away and the plans have already commenced. The festive season is time to bond with friends and family and to make merry. Indians have already begun the crazy Diwali shopping for clothes, new accessories and electronics. While some sweep their entire homes clean and give new, fresh paints, others just rearrange their drawers and clear out the mess. While some go all out to make traditional recipes at home, others love ordering their favourite Diwali sweets online or from their nearest mithaiwala. Whatever the situation, everyone is extremely excited thanks to the festive spirit. Also Read - Ek Chutki Sindoor? YouTube Channel Slammed For Adding 'Sindoor' to Anushka Sharma's Diwali Pictures, Twitter Asks Why

However, one major concern each year is Diwali gifting. What should you gift your loved ones and family? Everyone gives sweets and chocolates and it can get a tad boring. So, depending on your budget, here are some amazing gifts you could plan for your loved ones! Also Read - New Zealand Cops Dance to ‘Kala Chashma’ & 'Kar Gayi Chull' on Diwali, Set Twitter on Fire | Watch

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1. The extravagant

So, you have all the moolah and want to splurge it? Here’s what you could gift your family or close ones.

– A vehicle

Gift your family a nice, lavish SUV comfortable enough for everyone to travel. Or, if not one, you can get a nice small car for your partner and bikes for the kids!

– A home

The property rates are soaring and this is the best way to invest as well as gift. Choose a dream home and go buy it this Diwali. Your family will be stunned and you always have a property you can call your own!


2. The lavish

You do have the moolah but hey, there’s an end to money too!

– Vacation package

Gift your family a nice vacation package to a place they always wanted to visit! Plus, it’s Diwali and raining offers so you can get a good deal too!

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– Gold jewellery

It’s always a good thing to invest this festive season. Gift your loved ones gold jewellery. If unsure about their tastes, get them gold bars/coins. That ways, you gift them something precious and yet, something whose value will only increase!


3. The mid-range

You aren’t exactly rolling in dough but you need to give your loved ones something! Here’s help.

– Electronics

A new mobile, Kindle, wearables, Fitness bands… There’s a host of choices. You  can get a wide variety to suit your budget and with the offers going on, it should be a breeze.

– Spa treat

Diwali is the time to unwind and relax. Gift your partner or loved ones a nice spa treat. You could also gift your parents a couple spa and see them surprise and relaxed!


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4. The budget

You know the true meaning of permanently broke and yet, you don’t want to disappoint your family and loved ones. Here’s what you can do!

– Plan a day-picnic

Diwali is meant for family and friends. Get everyone together and go away from the city. Go to a nice, quiet spot where you can relax and spend time with all of them. Carry home-made Diwali snacks and chill with loved ones!

– Diwali decorations

This is best gifted a day before Diwali. Give your loved ones a complete Diwali kit – from a Kandil to some fire-crackers to diyas and even some sweets. A simple gift that will light up your loved one’s home and face!