Move over Orianthi! Make way for this 8-year-old who can shred a mean guitar, that too with utmost ease! “We’re not worthy! We’re not worthy!”Also Read - 'If Birds Had Arms': Edited Video of Birds With Hands Instead of Wings, Playing Guitar-Clicking Selfies, Leaves Internet in Splits | WATCH

Look at Lisa-X covers Scarified, a heavy metal number by Racer-X. What’s sweeter is she chooses to sit on a sofa to sit on while powering her powerchords and noting her notes. And then! What a solo! Total madness! Has anyone seen someone master such a solo while wearing those kind of pajamas? No way! Also Read - World Music Day 2020: What, Where And How The Day Came to be Celebrated

You can caress a guitar like a woman, said Jimmy Page from Led Zeppelin. But did he ever know that a little Japanese girl would one day be born and raise hell in the matter of just two minutes and 56 seconds? Anyway check out the wickedly talented Li-Sa-rock it out:
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