Religion is a sensitive topic and practice of a certain religion is a private practice. Many celebrities over time from Hollywood and Bollywood have publicly embraced or adopted another religion of choice and practiced it too. We take a look at some celebrities who have publicly adopted and practiced another religion either for spiritual reasons or simply for the love of it. A look at top 9 celebrities.Also Read - From Prince And Yuvika to Riteish And Genelia, Your Favourite Stars Were Spotted Here | Watch Out

1) Julia Roberts Also Read - From Jasmin Bhasin in Orange And Black to Aditya Narayan in Blue, Know When And Where These Celebrities Were Spotted | Watch Out

This talented actress got drawn to Hinduism while shooting for ‘Eat, Pray, Love’. Raised by a Catholic mother and a Baptist father, she was always interested in Hinduism because of her routine yoga practice. She revealed that she visits a temple regularly with her family and prays and was also sported wearing a red bindi on her trip to India in 2009. Her film production company is called ‘Red Om Productions’ of the Om symbol. We like it, Pretty Woman! Also Read - Celebrities Spotted: From Shahid Kapoor to Sunny Leone, Know Who All Were Spotted Recently | Watch Out

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2) Richard Gere

Much like his ‘Pretty Woman’ co actor, Richard Gere too has embraced another religion, that of Buddhism. Perhaps the most famous Hollywood convert to Buddhism, he was raised a Methodist. Hollywood former sex symbol’s interest in Buddhism aroused in his 20s and after studying Zen Buddhism for around six years, he travelled to Nepal to spend time with Tibetan monks and lamas. He also became and active supporter and a follower of Gelugpa school of Tibetan Buddhism after his meeting with ‘His Holiness Sir Dalai Lama’.

Image Credits: Getty images

Image Credits: Getty images

3) Dharmendra

The much in love co-stars Hema Malini and Dharmendra wanted to wed but Dharmendra’s first wedding and his wife’s refusal to divorce led the couple to a temporary religion change. In order to marry her, he converted to Islam to allow him a second marriage to Hema Malini. Phew.

Dharmendra Hema Malini

4) Sharmila Tagore

Her famed romance to Nawab and cricketer Mansur Ali Khan Pataudi, led her to convert her religion to Islam. She also adopted a new name in the form of Begum Ayesha. Sweet.

Image Credit: Pinterest

Image Credit: Pinterest

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5) Lindsay Lohan

Controversial star Lindsay Lohan was sported with a copy of the holy Quran while doing community service in New York last summer. Lindsay Lohan openly confessed her affinity for the religion and her spiritual connect to it. Though she hasn’t finished reading the Quran yet, she is determined of her love for the religion. Interestingly her younger sister Ali converted to Buddhism, while exploring spirituality.

Lindsay Lohan Quran

6) Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes

The former spouses converted themselves to modern day religion, Scientology. Hollywood heart-throb Tom Cruise had always been an ardent follower of Scientology, so it was but natural for Katie Holmes to follow suit when they were still married to each other. Katie Holmes was raised a Roman Catholic but her love for former husband Tom Cruise made her practice and follow Scientology, though she did not officially convert. Tom Cruise till date remains a poster boy for Scientology.

Tom Cruise Katie Holmes

7) Jane Fonda

This veteran actress was born in an agnostic family and married American media mogul Ted Turner, an atheist. After a barrage of personal problems, she embraced Christianity in her life to seek peace and solace. She publicly announced her conversion in 2001 and also states that since she is from Georgia, a traditional southern Christian culture she was veered towards it.

Jane Fonda

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8) Nargis Dutt

Born a Muslim, she married actor and co-star Sunil Dutt. But despite having her religion and name changed to Hinduism she continued to be addressed as Nargis instead of Nargis Dutt. Her Hindu name is Nirmala.

9) Orlando Bloom

The suave English actor was born and raised a Catholic in the Church of England. In 2004 he changed his religion to Buddhism and became a follower of Nichiren Buddhism and became a member of Soka Gakkai International (International Nichiren Buddhist orgnaisation) and formally converted while in England.

Orlando Bloom

Article by Anwaya Mane