A woman has gone viral on social media for running 1.6 kilometres in an impressive 5 minutes and 25 seconds, all while being nine months pregnant! 28-year-old athlete McKenna Myler completed her running goal after her husband challenged her to do so. Also Read - 5 Ways to Combat Body Odour While Running

While an average person can cover a distance of 1.6 km in an average of 9-10 minutes, Myler completed it in almost half the time. With this feat, she has wowed fitness enthusiasts all over the world especially expectant mothers. Also Read - Experts Tell How a COVID-19 Positive New Mother Should Take Care of Herself And Her Newborn

Myler said that she was very careful with her strength training so that the pelvic torsion and the added weight did not cause any injury. As for the people wondering if running while being heavily pregnant is safe, Myler explained that doctors support all of her fitness routines during pregnancy. Also Read - Anushka Sharma Looks Super-Stylish And Radiant in Her New Maternity Outfit, See Pics

Watch her in action:

“Honestly I had no idea I’d be capable of running that time by the end of my pregnancy. I took everything week by week. I love trying so by the time nine months rolled around, I thought ‘why not?’ I don’t HAVE to do anything, I GET to do it. That mindset makes it more fun,” Myler was quoted by LadBible.

“My training regime changed a ton to accommodate growing another human. I went from double days and three intense workouts a week to once a day and maybe one workout a week, if that,” she added.

Myler will deliver her son on October 19, i.e today!