Agra: Well, it is said that Covid-19 particularly affects the elderly, however, many aged individuals have also miraculously recovered from the illness, instilling hope in all of us. Also Read - Gamer Grandma: Meet Hamako Mari, 90-Year-Old Japanese Woman With Guinness Record For Being Oldest Gaming YouTuber

In one such news that will surely make you smile, a 97-year-old man from Agra has recovered from COVID-19, which local authorities on Thursday said, has come as a ‘ray of hope’ for coronavirus patients.

The man who was born in 1923, is one of the oldest COVID-19 patients in the country to recover successfully and was discharged on Wednesday from a private hospital.

Talking about the happy news, Agra District Magistrate Prabhu N Singh, hailed it as a “matter of pride” for the historic city.

“Our team was keeping an eye on his condition daily, and the day his coronavirus test came negative after recovering, we felt so delighted. We hear of people trying to take their lives sometimes when they contract COVID-19, but not this 97-year-old man. His recovery has come as a ray of hope,” he told PTI.

On Thursday, he also tweeted on Thursday about his recovery, saying, it will lend hope, especially to people of the older age, and wrote, “Salute to #CoronaWarrior”.

The man was admitted on April 29 to Nayati Hospital, a level-2 hospital for COVID-19 care in Agra. He has hypertension, and he initially needed a bit of oxygen supply but recovered fine, the hospital sources said.

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