Lol. Looks like bhakts received a taste of their own medicine. Recently, when hairstylist and business-woman tweeted against Anupam Kher, she recieved a whole lot of flak for her comments. Anupam Kher has been in the news recently for expressing his opinions openly on the whole ‘intolerance’ debate and controversy and while many have lauded the actor, there have been many who did not agree with his statements and felt he was too biased towards the Modi government and not getting to the root of the issue. When Sapna Bhavnani decided to express her opinion openly over social media and tweeted against the whole Anupam Kher issue. However, her issue did not sit well with some.Also Read - Cyclone Jawad To Hit Odisha, Andhra Pradesh Tomorrow, NDRF Deploys 64 Teams in 3 States | Key Points

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Sapna Bhavnani tweeted a host of comments against Anupam Kher’s speech and even called him #UncleNational in many of her tweets. One of the people who was incensed by this attitude of hers, retaliated and lashed back calling her a ‘barber’ and asked her to shut up and mind her business. But then, not one to sit quiet, Sapna replied right back and responded wittily reminding the gentleman that our Prime Minister Narendra Modi was a “chai wala” or a tea seller once! Well done, Sapna Bhavnani, well done! A person’s humble beginnings should not really matter and whatever their profession be, they have every right to comment on and share their opinions on a matter of national importance. Also Read - BSF Celebrates 57th Raising Day, To Exchange Sweets With Pakistan On Attari-Wagah Border

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But then, leaving aside the whole intolerance debate, the incident brings to mind the famous case of the Billu Barber movie where the entire barber community was up in arms against Shah Rukh Khan and the movie team for using the term ‘barber’ as they felt it was derogatory. They wanted the movie to be renamed Billu Hairdresser! Finally, the makers went ahead and dropped the Barber entirely, renaming the movie to just Billu! It makes us wonder – being a barber or a chai wala or anyone having a “lower” profession, is that any bad? While the Bhakt clearly wanted to insult Spana while calling her a barber and not a hairdresser or hairstylist, would her being a barber be so bad? When did a humble and intelligent (yes try cutting and styling someone else’s hair once) profession become a degrading slang or insult? Intolerance much?