In a strange incident, a class 12th student from Uttar Pradesh’s Barabanki district became a millionaire in a moment. He was shocked to see a message in his inbox that said, Rs. 5.55 crore has been credited to the bank account. Immediately, his father informed the bank about the transfer of such a whopping amount. The State Bank of India in no time froze the student’s account. Perhaps, both the father and son are facing difficulties in using the account as it had Rs 1. 27 lakh which was to be used for further studies. 

Beggar Found in Rae Bareli is a Millionaire From Tamil Nadu, Reveals Aadhaar Card

Beggar Found in Rae Bareli is a Millionaire From Tamil Nadu, Reveals Aadhaar Card

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The incident happened with Keshav Sharma, a student of Central Academy of Barabanki. After few hours, the amount was debited. Not only this, his own money of Rs. 1.27 lakh also disappeared. On complaining to the toll-free number of the bank, it was informed that the account has been frozen. It is being investigated after which the money will be refunded. Also Read - Woman Missing For 11 Years Found Living Secretly With Lover Just 500 Metres Away From Her Home, Know Why

Being a minor, the operator of this account is Keshav’s father Narendra Sharma. His father deals with the money in the account. They are now having problems because the account is frozen and till the time, the matter is settled, they can’t use the money. (Lottery Jackpot Makes 31 Canadians Overnight Millionaires) Also Read - After Bride Collapses on Stage & Dies During Wedding Ceremony, Groom Made to Marry Her Sister!

According to Reserve Bank of India (RBI) rules, it is mandatory for bank account holders to provide their PAN or Form 60. In order to unfreeze the account, the account holder must forthwith furnish PAN/Form 60 (as applicable) to the bank.