Nature has a way of coming up with surprises and while some can be unpleasant, at other times they are just too cute to miss. And through it all we cannot help but admire the many creatures that are a part of it, be they big or small. In this most recent reveal, you could be left amazed after watching two of our four legged friends throwing punches at one another.Also Read - West Bengal Lays Shattered as Cyclone Amphan Leaves Trail of Destruction in Its Path

The video, which was shared on Twitter by Indian Forest Service official Susanta Nanda, shows a frog and a leopard in a stand-off. It definitely is an unbelievable sight, as the frog is way smaller than the leopard. But the saying, “size does not matter” seems to apply here, as unfazed by its bigger sized opponent, the frog steadfastly managed to defend itself. Also Read - Heartbroken Woman Sends Ex-boyfriend Tonne of Onions With Message Stating 'I've Cried, Now It's Your Turn'

From the video, one could see the leopard trying to paw the frog, but the latter did not seem to be afraid and even leapt up with its mouth wide open. In the end, the cat decided that it has had enough of its tiny opponent and moved away. Also Read - Man Creates Cuddle Curtain to Hug His Grandmom During COVID-19 Pandemic, Earns Praise From Anand Mahindra

The clip has proven to be very entertaining, and has left many who viewed it amused and full of positive comments.