With schools closed and playgrounds empty due to the Covid-19 lockdown, kids are finding it really hard to spend time at home and feeling particularly bored. Well, it becomes more lonely if there is no one at home to play with them! Also Read - 3 More Repatriated Citizens Test COVID-19+ in Kerala, 4 Other Fresh Cases; Total Tally Touches 20

In one such instance, an 8-year-boy from Kerala felt extremely dejected after his elder sister and 4 other girls refused to play with him and also bullied him. To complain about the girls and teach them a lesson, he decided to register a police complaint, seeking their arrest!

Needless to say, police officers were just stumped by this strange request.

“They are making fun of me because I am a boy. They are not allowing me to play ludo, shuttle, Police and Thief game with them”, Umar Nidar told the police on Monday.

Turns out, the innocent boy approached the police after his father jokingly asked him to lodge a police complaint when he complained about the behaviour of his sister and others. Umar was annoyed at not being able to join his friends and play due to the lockdown.

The complaint, written by the third standard student in English, was handed over to the two police officials when they had visited the boy’s neighbourhood to inquire into another complaint on May 10.

As it was already late evening then, the policemen assured the boy they would visit his house the next day to find a solution to his problem,

After listening to his woes, police called the other children and advised them to include Nidar also while playing.

(With PTI inputs)