What is life without a little laughter? Jokes and memes have become the way for us to get our daily dose of humour. However, before the age of Facebook and social media, there were Bollywood songs that make absolutely no sense but held a lot of meaning, all the DOUBLE MEANINGS! From comparing the man’s private parts to weird objects like rats and bamboos to making hidden deep rooted comments that are ignored by the innocent hearts, Bollywood music industry has given us a treasure full of various double meaning songs with peppy music and downright cheap lyrics. Hearing the sexual-innuendo-filled perverted double meaning song lyrics, you would wonder how did they survive the Censor Board scissors, which is lately too sharp and eager to chop down anything and everything which is not ‘pure and pious’. Also Read - Happy Women's Day 2020 Songs: List of 12 Bollywood numbers to celebrate International Women's Day!

Films these days face a huge trouble with the Indian censor board or rather certification board. On several instances like Udta Punjab in 2016 or Lipstick Under My Burkha in 2017 have had their fair share of troubles due to the bold content. Not just Bollywood films, even Hollywood movies face abrupt chops in order to fit in the sanskari land of the country. The board members in their defence claim such actions are necessary to save the audiences’ brain from getting corrupted as these films with risqué content prove to be a bad influence. We would want to believe them till we realize adult comedy movies like Mastizaade and Kyaa Kool Hain Hum 3 were released without any hindrance during the same period. Also Read - Dutch Man Who is a Shah Rukh Shan Fan, Sings Bollywood Covers Flawlessly, Wins Over Die-Hard Fans

Censor board has been in a state of confusion (read: hypocritical) and not just now. A look at the songs churned out in Bollywood movies from the 80s, 90s to early 2000s, you are bound to be baffled. The lyrics range from Khada Hai to Teri Le Loon to Din Mein Leti Hai highlighting Bollywood lyricist’ dirty mind at work. The dance steps and picturization of these songs is a different level of low standards and looking back at these Bollywood ‘masterpieces’ you will either laugh out loud and cherish your dirty mind or cringe at the things that have been termed art! Yes, all these were passed by our censor board without batting an eyelash. Here’s a list of nine super pervert Bollywood songs that would test how dirty-minded your brain is. Enjoy! Also Read - Google Accused of Illegally Copying Song Lyrics to Display in Search Results

1. Main Laya Hoon Chuha Apna aka Rat Song

Definitely not a song, Saif Ali Khan would feel WOW about. The Nawab of Bollywood has given some debatable acting performances in his career, but the Rat Song from his 1994 film Yaar Gaddar definitey takes the cake. Saif is trying to woo his girl, and roses and chocolates being too mainstream, the actor decides to give actress Somy Ali his white rat. Take a look at the wonderfully crafted lyrics – Ladki diwani hai ye karti hai ui ui ui ui, Main laya hu chuha apna, chuha apna, chuha apna, Arey mai laya hu chuha apna, kaha hai teri chuhi. Need we explain further?

2. Ye Maal Gaadi Tu Dhakka Laga

Another 1994 dirty gem is Anil Kapoor and Juhi Chawla starrer Andaz’s song Yeh Maal Gaadi, Tu Dhakka Laga. If you are wondering the song is about a train, fella you are too innocent to be reading this article. The lead pair of the film are on their honeymoon and but naturally have their hormones making them sing such an explicit song. Take a look at the lyrics of the song – Ye maal gaadi tu dhakka laga, Dhakka kaga re dhakka laga, Garam ho gaya engine iska dhakka deta ja. *Slow Clap*.

3. Hum Toh Tamboo Mein Bamboo Lagaye Baithe

The song features the biggest superstar of Indian cinema, legendary Amitabh Bachchan in the 1985 film Mard. The song features him and actress Amrita Singh caricaturing the role of a newlywed couple who cannot consummate their marriage. The entire song sequence is about erection and helplessness of not having sex! This song will make you say – Why Amit Sir, why did you be a part of such an ashleel song. The lyrics of the song goes something like this – Hum Toh Tambu Mein Bambu Lagae Baithe, Hum Toh Tambu Mein Bambu Lagae Baithe, Maine Zor Lagaya, Haiyya Hoo! Haath Se Bhi Dabaya, Par Dil Ki Miti Na Chubhan.

4. Khada Hai, Khada Hai

Another Kavi Ki Kalpana on erection is this song from Andaz. Anil Kapoor and Juhi Chawla will not be very happy about their movie choices looking back at these songs. The suggestive lyrics by the writer are not even making an attempt to bring in modesty. Check out the double meaning lyrics of the song – Khada hai khada hai khada hai dar pe tere aashiq khada hai, Khol khol khol darwaja khol bol bol bol pyar ke do bol, Khada hai khada hai khada hai dar pe tere aashiq khada hai. WTF!

5. Subha Ko Leti Hai, Din Mein Leti Hai, Raat Mein Leti Hai

What the heck was wrong with lyricist during the year 1994? Probably, EVERYTHING!! This song is from the film Amaanat starred biggies Sanjay Dutt and Akshay Kumar. The item number sung by Illa Arun who is heard crooning the lyrics – Chhat pe leti hai, kamre me leti hai, Bistar me leti hai, khule aam, Let ke leti hai, baith ke leti hai, Kya bura hai uska nam leti hai, kiska?, Apne sajan ka apne balam ka. Yes, exactly this song is about taking the lover’s name. What were you thinking gutter minds?

6. Daloonga Daloonga Pyar Se Main Daloonga

We have to have to mention another baap of double meaning songs from the film Amaanat. This song has Sanjay Dutt singing, Daloonga daloonga pyar se mai daloonga, Daloonga daloonga, daloonga daloonga, Daloonga daloonga pyar se mai dalunga. Seeing the pelvic thrust dance steps and orgasmic vibes around, just when you are thinking of the OBVIOUS answer, our lead hero says – Nolakha haar tere gale me daloonga. Seriously, who were they trying to fool? If censor board, then they have completely emerged as the winner.