The Afghan parliament in Kabul was attacked on Monday, June 22, with six explosions inside the building. Some reports say the bomb blasts could be as many as nine in number. The Taliban has claimed responsibility for the attack that is still on even as we report this. This video of live footage of the smoke-filled Afghan parliament building shows the intensity of the blast. Heavy fighting is still going on between the Taliban and Afghan forces. Also Read - President Joe Biden to Withdraw US Troops From Afghanistan by September 11

The first attack came to light when a loud explosion rocked the Afghan parliament and shattered windows and doors. The parliament proceedings were being aired live on television when the explosion occurred in Kabul. Six people have been killed and 21 others injured, according to reports. Also Read - Zimbabwe to Host 1st International Team in Over a Year

Watch the video of the Afghan parliament attack that was uploaded on YouTube, courtesy of ABP. Also Read - Meet Afghanistan's Fearless Social Media Influencer Who Has More Followers Than The President | See Pics