Hassan: Love triangles are complicated, to say the least, but this peculiar case of love triangle might be unlike anything we have seen before. In a bizarre development, a Karnataka village Panchayat decided to flip a coin to decide the climax of a love triangle! The incident occurred at Sakleshpur Taluk of Hassan district in Karnataka, and is no less than a movie plot.Also Read - Viral Video: Mumbai Police Band Performs Bella Ciao From Money Heist. Indian Twitter, Netflix Love It

It all started when a 27-year-old man from Sakleshpur village met a 20-year-old girl from a neighbouring village and kept meeting regularly, News 18 reported. Around 6 months ago, the man met another girl and the two developed a romantic relationship. However, both the girls were unaware that he was cheating on them. As fate would have it, a relative spotted the man with a girl and informed his father about it.

When the family confronted him about the said girl, he said he was in love with her and wanted to marry her. The family didn’t approve of his wish and decided to fix his wedding with someone else as soon as possible.

Later, one of the girls found out about his family’s decision and told her family about their relationship. The girl’s family then visited his house and told them about the affair and in the meantime, the other girl also found out what was happening. She also visited the man’s house with her parents.

As the news of the bizarre love triangle spread in the village, a Panchayat was called a month ago. When asked about his decision, the man did not say anything both the girls argued their case to become his wife. Things took a tragic turn when the first girl tried to kill herself by consuming poison but was saved.

Meanwhile, another Panchayat meeting was called on Friday and the families of all three parties signed an agreement that the Panchayat’s decision would be final. It was then decided that the Panchayat would toss a coin to decide which girl would marry the man.

But the story didn’t end there as there are 2 versions about what happened next. According to the first version, the first girl (the onw who attempted suicide) won the toss and the man agreed to marry her. As per the second version, the man expressed his decision to marry the first girl. The couple is now reportedly married.