New Delhi: A day after an online chat group called ‘Bois locker room’ was busted on Twitter for glorifying rape culture, another alleged version of the girls’ locker room has started trending on the micro blogging site. Many screenshots shared on Twitter have alleged that just like the boys’ version, there is a similar chat group that sexualises and objectifies boys and talks trash about their bodies. Also Read - Opinion | 'Bois Locker Room' Exposes Sorry State of Education, Parenting & Pervasive 'Rape Culture' in India

In addition, it is alleged that the group body-shames both boys and girls. Here are some tweets doing the rounds:

(Trigger Warning: Reader discretion advised) 

After the leaked screenshots went viral, many also started bashing ‘feminists’ for criticising only men, while others found both instances objectionable and called for gender sensitization for both sexes:

One user wrote, ”This is absolutely disgusting. You can’t blame any gender for it, but few people have some lewd mentality which is really poisonous for our society.Its not like girls are noble and boys are bad, everyone is involved in some or the other thing”.

Here are other reactions:

Notably, ‘Bois Locker Room’ consists of teenage boys aged between 15-18 years, from South Delhi wherein they share photos of underage girls, objectify them, and plan ‘gang rapes’. On Tuesday, Delhi Police held one of the members, a schoolboy from a prominent South Delhi school who in turn identified at least 20 more boys who were a part of the group.

The private chat group stirred up a storm since Sunday, with people raging across social media platforms, over rape culture and women safety in India. This incident also exposes all that’s problematic with our education system and family system that is so divested in imparting bookish education that ethics and morals take a backseat.