Mbandaka: The Democratic Republic of Congo, which is already battling Covid-19 and measles, reported a new Ebola outbreak in the western city of Mbandaka on Monday.Also Read - Coronavirus Will be With Us For a Long Time, Make No Mistake, Says World Health Organisation

Health Minister Eteni Longondo confirmed that four people had died and that all the deaths analysed since May 18 were due to the Ebola virus.

“We have a new Ebola epidemic in Mbandaka. We are going to very quickly send them the vaccine and medicine,” Longondo told reporters.

“I ask the population to be calm and continue to respect hygiene measures. Regularly wash your hands with soap. Don’t say greet with your hands. Don’t touch ill or dead people who had a fever or bleeding,” he further urged the public.

“This outbreak is a reminder that Covid-19 is not the only health threat people face,” said Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, World Health Organization director-general, in a statement on Monday confirming the new infections.

The Ebola virus causes hemorrhagic fever and is spread through direct contact with body fluids from an infected person, who suffers severe vomiting and diarrhoea.

Meanwhile, the country is also fighting a rising number of cases of Covid-19, with 3,195 known infections and 72 deaths.

After the news broke, people on Twitter expressed their concerns and wondered what kind of a year this is:

As per reports, these infections are the 11th outbreak of the virus in the nation since the first cases were detected in 1976.