New Delhi: Failure is often looked down upon as unfortunate and unwanted, however, this man from England has proved it all wrong by being successful in the end even after failing for 157 times. The man, an unnamed male driver did not give up his driving test even after failing over hundred times and kept on trying till he finally passed it on the 158th time.Also Read - Pune Woman Drives Bus For 10 Kms After Driver Suffers Seizure, Takes Him to The Hospital | Watch

In a bid to clear the exam again and again, the man also had to spend £3,000 (Rs 3 lakh) while filling the application formalities. And, now even though he has finally passed his theory test, one must wonder what will happen when he has to give the practical test. Also Read - South Africa to Host Australia, England in 2023, Confirms Graeme Smith

According to statistics released by Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency, until now the country’s second-biggest failure is a woman in her 30s, who has taken the theory test 117 times and has not passed it yet. And, in third place is a 48-year-old woman who finally passed in her 94th attempt. Also Read - Ashes 5th Test, Day 1: Travis Head Century Puts Australia in Control Against England After Early Setback

And, when it comes to clearing the practical test, a 72-year-old Englishman succeeded in gaining his license after 43 attempts to get his licence, while a 47-year-old woman still has not passed despite 41 attempts.

As such cases come to light, many raised questions that if one needs these many times to clear a learner’s test should they be even allowed behind the wheel of a car. Reacting to such queries, Director of Select Car Leasing, Mark Tongue said, “It’s true what they say: If at first you don’t succeed try, try and try again. Passing your driving test can be one of life’s trickiest challenges and it can take some of us many more attempts than others.”

He said, “But whether you fail your test once or 157 times, there’s no shame in picking yourself up and having another go – and anyone who can do that deserves great credit.”