In another shocking case of animal cruelty, a video took the Internet by storm featuring a pregnant cow in Himachal Pradesh, bleeding after some miscreants allegedly made the animal eat wheat with crackers. The fumes of Kerala elephant had not died down yet when this fresh incident emerged from Bilaspur district of Himachal Pradesh. Also Read - Shah Rukh Khan is All Praises For Bobby Deol's Class of '83 - Check Out This Viral Tweet

The cow was named Nandini and the video was shot by its owner who claimed that the animal was pregnant. The incident reportedly occurred a day before the death of the pregnant elephant Kerala, in a similar fashion. While a report in HT claimed that the cow’s owner, Gurdyal Singh, suspected his neighbour, social media users trended #JusticeForNandini as they pointed out that it did not provoke enough outrage. Also Read - Air India Express Crash: Runway Friction Testing Not Done at Kerala Airport Before Landing, Says Report

While an FIR was registered, no arrests have been made which amped up the netizens digital outrage on Twitter. One wrote wrote, “What the hell is wrong with this world? Then Elephant now a Cow? Is there any humanity alive? Shame on every human! This world would be a better place only if all the humans will be extinct! #JusticeforNandini #pregnant #JusticeForHimachalCow (sic)”, while another tweeted, “Heartbroken, speechless, angry & shocked to read the news about the pregnant cow in Himachal Pradesh. Also about the hypocrisy and selective activism of people like you. How can anyone be so cruel. Hope the guilty are punished severely. #justiceforHimachalCow #JusticeforNandini (sic)” and yet another agitated, “#JusticeforNandini This is Unacceptable, Humanity is dead really… Media Quiet… Intellectual Quiet… #ShameOnHumanity (sic).” Also Read - Air India Express Crash: Civil Aviation Minister Visits Kozhikode, Announces Interim Relief

Check out Twitter’s reaction on the news here:

Hitting a new low, each day. Aren’t we?