While the coronavirus has spread panic across the world and taken several lives, it has also given rise to rumours, misinformation and superstitions. In one such case in Uttar Pradesh, a village in Sitapur district named ‘Korauna’ and its residents have become the object of ridicule by outsiders. Also Read - Delhi Govt's Jantasamvad Website to Provide Real-time Update on Availability of Hospital Beds for COVID-19 Patients. Check Details

As you might have realized, the name of the village rhymes with the coronavirus, and unfortunately residents of the village are bearing the brunt of it and facing discrimination. The name has evoked so much of fear and hatred that residents from other areas avoid them and don’t even answer their calls for help. Also Read - No Exit From Rajiv Chowk Metro Station after 9pm on December 31, Entry Till Departure of Last Train

“No one is willing to come out; people are terrified in our village. When we tell people we are from Korauna, they avoid us. They don’t understand that it’s a village, not someone infected with the virus. Other people are so scared that they don’t even want to answer telephone calls,”  Rajan, a resident of the village, told ANI. Also Read - India Mobile Congress: PM Modi Says Mobile Technology To Be Used For COVID-19 Vaccination Drive

Another resident Raju Tripathi, elaborated on the same problem and said, “Even our relatives joke about the similarity in the name and tell us that they will not visit Korauna. If we tell any stranger where we live in, we are greeted with amused glances. One person who called on my phone — apparently a wrong number — said ‘How are you still alive?’ – when I told him that I was from Korauna.”

Saddened by the taunts and insults, Gokul said that once the lockdown is lifted, the villagers will get together and request the government to change the name of the village.

Meanwhile, India is currently on a three-week lockdown to curb the spread of the coronavirus which has claimed over 30 lives.