The internet is a treasure trove of memes! Just yesterday, social media was abuzz with funny memes and jokes after a girl named Shweta forgot to mute her microphone and spilled some intimate details about a boy to 111 people. After this hilarious Zoom gaffe, another similar video has surfaced, which is sure to guaranteed big laughs. Turns out, just like Shweta, a maulvi forgot to turn off his mic and slept near it the whole night. The twist came when he started snoring heavily, making the entire locality vibrate with his heavy snoring. While he enjoyed a sound sleep, the entire neighbourhood heard his snoring. Someone recorded his snore and it has now become a viral trend.Also Read - 'Shweta, Your Mic is On': Twitterati Is Obsessed With Shweta Memes, Urges Yashraj Mukhate to Create Spoof Music on It | Watch

The video was shared by Twitter user @dapakiguy92. “Molvi sahab mic on kr k sogaye (Maulvi sahab has slept with the mic on),” reads the caption. Check out the video:

It is not clear where and when the video was recorded, but giggling sounds of people recording the video can be heard clearly. Meanwhile, the video has gone viral (obviously) and netizens can’t stop laughing.  One user said, “What they said: Shweta your mic is on. What no one said: maulvi sb mic off karein,” while another wrote, Sounds like an apocalypse warning siren.. damn!”

Here are other reactions:

This video has come at a time when Twitter is flooded with Shweta memes. In the video going viral, the girl named Shweta continues to share some private details of a boy, who had asked her to keep it a secret. Fellow students try to warn her that her mic is on, but she does not listen. From jokes to memes and spoof videos, desi internet is abuzz with her name, with many wanting to know about this mystery girl.

Well, we hope, after these two embarrassing yet hilarious incidents, people will double check to ensure that mics on their devices are off.