Noida: After Lucknow cops were caught on camera, snatching blankets and food meant for protesters, another video of a policeman stealing packets of milk from a Noida store has gone viral. Also Read - Video Show Cops Snatching Protesters' Food; 'Don't Spread Rumours,' Says Lucknow Police

The incident happened in the early hours of January 19 and the act was caught on a CCTV camera. In the video shared by news agency ANI, the policeman who seems to be on patrolling duty, can be seen roaming around the crates in which milk packets were kept outside a store.

After some time, the policeman picks two packets of milk and goes towards the police vehicle parked nearby. He is then seen handing over a packet of stolen milk to a colleague sitting in the vehicle.

Here is the video:

On January 19, a video of policemen taking away blankets and food boxes went viral, following which the Lucknow Police said that they confiscated those items after due process.

The incident happened when women from Lucknow gathered outside the iconic Clock Tower for a 24-hour sit-in protest against the Citizenship (Amendment) Act 2019, inspired by Delhi’s Shaheen Bagh protests.

Soon after the incident, #KambalChor started trending on Twitter, with netizens making fun of Uttar Pradesh police.

“At the clock tower in Lucknow, during an illegal protest, some people tried to pitch a tent and they were denied permission. Some groups were distributing blankets in the park and many people, who were not an even part of the protest, came to take the blankets. We had to disperse the crowd there. The blankets were seized after due process. Please don’t spread rumours,” the police statement clarified.