New Delhi: With just a few days left for Diwali, an NGO in Punjab’s Mohali district has started making idols and diyas (earthen lamps) with cow dung, which they claim is eco-friendly and more efficient than other raw material. Also Read - Can Cow Urine-Dung Cure Skin Disorders, Arthritis & Leprosy? India's Cow Commission Says So

Director of NGO Gauri Shankar Sewa Dal, Ramesh Sharma said that when these lamps will be destroyed, it will get decomposed and become manure. Also Read - New Initiative: Lucknow to Make Flower Pots From Cow Dung Obtained From Animal Shelter

Speaking to ANI, Sharma said, “We have two units, one on Mohali and Chandigarh. The disposal of cow dung is a problem, and therefore we started making many useful things like flower pots, lamps, and idols. They are not just eco-friendly, but also considered auspicious in Hinduism. When they are destroyed, they don’t become waste, instead, they get decomposed and become manure.” Also Read - 15th Century Bronze Idols Stolen From Ancient Tamil Nadu Temple Recovered in London

“We are not selling these lamps. Whoever wants can come and collect them from here. In return, if they wish they can provide for cows’ fodder,” he added.

Recently, ANI also reported about a cow shelter home in Rajasthan that also makes diyas with cow dung.