All India Bakchod released the prequel to the super-hit video, A Woman’s Besties and have taken the internet by a storm once again. The new AIB video titled A Woman’s Besties 2 – Losing Your Virginity, talks about the sexual desires of women and does so in the most hilariously graphic way possible. This video finally gave a vital role to Chitika (Kaneez Surka) aka the clitoris. However, the most ironic part was that men failed to understand the joke and ended up with the same question ‘Whats / Who is Clitika”. Let’s talk about sex, baby: Lipstick Under My Burkha and AIB video A Woman’s Besties, sexuality from a woman’s point-of-view, on film!
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The prequel to A Woman’s Besties showed the story of the first time a woman has sex and all the thoughts that go through her mind. The video brought back the characters of Vajayenti (vagina), Geeta, Boobita (breasts) and Clitika (Clitoris) who were all a part of the lead character, Mallika Dua. The rib-tickling video of a girl’s first time having sex highlighted how the clitoris is mostly ignored by men and often forgotten and the funniest part about the video was that the comment section of the video wall filled with questions as to who or what Clitika actually represents. Also Read - Hotstar Cancels Deal With AIB Amidst Sexual Misconduct Allegations, Read Details

For those who are still confused, the clitoris is a female sex organ and has been labelled as the ‘female’s most sensitive erogenous zone.’ However, many men have had a difficult time finding the clitoris, which plays an important role in a woman’s orgasm. This exact point was highlighted in the AIB video where the sexual intercourse was done and dusted without any involvement of Clitika. SO when the comments sections of the video were filled with questions about the ‘Clit’, AIB did what they do best, made a meme of the situation. Also Read - AIB's Tanmay Bhat Asked to Step Down Amid #MeToo Allegations, Movement Gains Pace as 'Tara' Producer Accuses Most 'Sankaari' Actor of Rape

See AIB’s Meme on The Clit

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Watch A Woman’s Besties 2 – Losing Your Virginity here

All India Bakchod has been one of the most daring and experimental Indian entertainment channels who have made it a point to present content that begins conversations and debates, to say the least. This latest video has also done just that in a light hearted way. The video has already crossed a million views and is trending on YouTube in India. Apart from the clear mention of the clitoris, the video beautiful highlighted various small details of things women go through during sex.