New Delhi: At a time when doctors and other health care staff at hospitals are prone to coronavirus infection, humanoid robots at All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) has mitigated the risk by performing contactless monitoring of the admitted COVID-19 patients and disinfecting and sanitizing the COVID-19 wards without human help. Also Read - Robots Help in Winning The Battle Against COVID-19

Milagrow Human tech has installed Humanoid robots Milagrow ‘ELF’ at dedicated COVID-19 wards. The robot which was designed for the hospitality industry has been modified to suit the requirements of the healthcare sector. Also Read - Social Distancing: Robots to Serve Food, Medicine to Coronavirus Patients in Jharkhand

“This humanoid is specifically for the hospitality industry but when COVID-19 broke out and the reports started to come from Italy that almost 28 per cent to 30 per cent people in the healthcare sector were infected because of the proximity with the patients, then immediately our mind started to work, that how this robot can be used in actual infectious wards where distancing between the doctor and the patient is very important”, Milagrow founder and Chairman Rajeev Karwal told ANI.

“Eventually, we did some modification and incorporated four functions which are very useful for the doctors, for the patients and healthcare workers,” said Karwal.

Speaking about the functions of the Robot in the COVID-19 wards, Karwal said,”You don’t need to touch the robot with your hand as the robot will follow you and identify you as the master, for teleconsultation Doctor can be anywhere in the world and he will be able to speak to the patient.”

“The second case is when the doctor is not available. Someone can operate the robot with standard templates. In the ward, the robot can do wandering, monitoring, and surveillance in a seamless manner,” he said.

“Lockdown was announced on March 24 and we got a call from AIIMS on April 5 then we accommodated these modifications. There are other hospitals like Fortis who are in touch with us and evaluating this model,” he added.

Milagrow robot also performs the function of disinfecting and cleaning the COVID wards.

“We have installed a negative ion generator so it sends out millions of negative ions in the air and the positively charged viruses and bacteria are brought down to the floor. Water tank containing sodium hypochlorite which is effective on the viruses destroy the virus. This Robot is independent of human control. This device can play a very big role in disinfecting the air and floor of the ward,” Karwal said while explaining the technical aspect of the Milagrow IMAP.

“The indoor disinfection Robot will help minimize the exposure to patients and healthcare workers with viral loads. This is a big step in our commitment to ensure the safety for all our patients and staff,” said Dr Ritu Garg, Zonal Director, Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Gurugram.