New Delhi: Who can not remember that satisfying feeling of dipping a Parle-G biscuit in a hot cup of tea whiling away the evening! Since 1938, Parle-G has been a household name in India and is one of the tastiest and cheapest biscuits available in the country. Also Read - Lockdown Impact: Parle-G Breaks Record of 8 Decades, Registers Nearly 90% Growth Amid COVID-19

Because of the low price of the product, Parle-G is also known as ‘common man’s biscuits’ and has been the go-to biscuit for generations of Indians.

Now the company is making news for achieving a unique milestone of selling the maximum number of biscuits during the lockdown. 

Though Parle Products, creators of Parle-G biscuits, refused to reveal the specific sales statistics, it has confirmed that during March, April and May the company has experienced the highest sales in eight decades.

The biscuit sales were mostly dominated by its consumption by migrant workers as they walked hundreds of kilometers to reach their homes. Many other people including NGOs and government agencies also distributed packs of Parle-G biscuit to the poor and needy.

Elated by the record sales, netizens poured their love for Parle-G, which has served many in such difficult times and soon #ParleG started trending on Twitter.

“Parle-G is not only a biscuit it’s an emotion,” many Twitter users said sharing their childhood memories with the biscuit while many shared hilarious memes.

Check them out:

Amid the lockdown, Parle Products was swift to resume operations to reach maximum sales as people were willing to buy whatever was available to them during the crisis.

Mayank Shah, category head at Parle Products said that during the lockdown, Parle-G became the comfort food for many, and for several others it was the only food they had.