We all have the image of the Aleppo boy who terrifyingly stared ahead covered in blood and sand during the 2016 bombing in Syria. The young child who became the face of Syria’s suffering during the war is back on social media, and his drastic change will warm your heart. Syrian journalist Kinana Allouche who had posted selfies with the dead bodies of the real fighters in war shared the first pictures of Aleppo boy Omran Daqneesh and his family and also interviewed the entire family that crossed over to the government territory. The pictures are full of hope and show that the little kid is finally living a normal happy life. Syria Chemical Attack: Father mourns death of twins, wife and 22 other relatives.
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The images and short video posted by the Syrian reported was for a pro-Assad TV station Al Mayadeen, and the interview shows that the young kid is healthy and finally happy with his family. These pictures are giving rays of hope to the internet which was tormented by the bloodied picture of the young boy. Omran became a global icon last August when his house was bombed by the Russian or Syrian regime forces before the siege of Aleppo. Aleppo is the largest Syrian city that was traumatised by the war. This distressing picture of Aleppo man sitting in shattered home has become a symbol of Syria’s civil war. Also Read - Heartbreaking! Syrian Man Makes Up 'Laughing Game' to Distract Daughter from Sounds of Bombs | Watch

The new pictures are accompanied by an interview where Omran’s father talks about the attack, the viral picture and their journey after the siege. His father said that the little boy had suffered a cut in the airstrike which was treated and healed quickly. Kinana Allouche shared the image with a message in Arabic that translates, “Here he now lives in the Syrian state with its army, its leader and its people.” Photographer Abd Alkader Habak drops camera to help Syrian children injured in bombing; heartbreaking war photo goes viral.
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Here are the pictures of the Aleppo boy

It was reported that the blast that left the boy in the bloodied state might have been caused by the Syrian government, however, Allouche clarified that the blast was not executed by the government forces and the family said that the always remained loyal to the Syrian regime. As the vast majority of Aleppo is now under the Syrian army and the battle is almost over, there are various rumours around the interview given by the family. However, people cannot help but feel relieved and happy that the kid is well and happy at last.