Aligarh, June 15: Barely 20 days after the much debated and controversial weapons training camps organised by the Right-wing outfit Bajrang Dal took place in Ayodhya, a new scene has yet gain emerged from Uttar Pradesh where teenage girls are being trained with traditional weapons by another Hindu outfit Aryaveer Dal in Aligarh. Also Read - Two Afghan Women Supreme Court Judges Shot Dead in Kabul

The organisers of these camps claim that they are training the girls for “Self Defence” and primarily give the reason for this as the rise in “Love Jihad”. This is the same term that is being used for Hindu teenagers or youth who fall in love with  Muslim boys. Though it has been criticised and after debate in the media channels, the administration has banned any kind of “Love Jihad” or any kind of training in the name of fighting against it. ALSO READ: Bajrang Dal training: FIR against right-wing group for promoting enmity between communities Also Read - Love Jihad Row: SC Refuses to Stay UP, Uttarakhand Laws Against Inter-faith Marriages, Issues Notice to States

But, it comes as a shocker that with just a case happened last month in which Bajrang Dal leaders were captured on camera giving training to the local youth so that they can fight against ISIS and being criticised all over, this was certainly not expected. It would be a matter of time how the matter is looked and actions are taken. Watch the video here. Also Read - Imran Khan Says His Govt Wants To Learn From China's Development Model to Eradicate Poverty