Devrambhai Bhisikar was reportedly admitted to the COVID-19 wing of Ahmedabad Civil Hospital on May 28 and a day later, under sheer negligence, the family members were informed about his demise and yet again the next day, they were told by the medical institute about his improving health. In a highly irresponsible case of handling COVID-19 patients, Ahmedabad Civil hospital yet again makes headlines and this time for playing with a family’s emotions by wrongly conveying a patients death news.Also Read - Kerala High Court Bans Gathering of More Than 50 People In Kasargod District Amid Current Covid Situation

After he displayed symptoms of the infection, Devrambhai was admitted at Ahmedabad Civil hospital and his samples sent for COVID-19 test were yet to return when on May 29, the hospital authorities handed over a sealed body to his family members who had rushed in after hearing the news of his death. Without opening the body bag and confirming the identity of the deceased, the family members cremated the corpse while taking into account precautionary measures and Abiding by the guidelines prescribed by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW). Also Read - Will Ban On Physical Rallies For Assembly Polls be Extended Amid COVID Cases? EC To Take Decision Today

A day after cremation, on May 30, the bereaved family got a call from the Ahmedabad Civil hospital, informing them that Devrambhai’s health was improving. When the family contacted the hospital after receiving the phone call, they were told that the call was a hospital staff’s mistake and that, Devrambhai had indeed passed away on May 29. Also Read - Gujarat Imposes Night Curfew in 17 More Towns, Relaxes Home Delivery Services For Hotels | Full Guidelines Here

If this torture was not enough, a report in India Today claimed that the family called the hospital for a second time and to their utter surprise, were told that Devrambhai’s health is improving since his samples have returned negative for Covid-19. On the other hand, the news agency claimed that a doctor of the Ahmedabad Civil hospital, Shashank J Pandya, informed that Devrambhai’s death occured due to trouble in breathing as his sugar was 500 when brought to the facility.

In another irresponsible turn of affairs this month, a first-year resident at the Gujarat Cancer Research Institute was allegedly denied a COVID-19 test by doctors in Ahmedabad’s Civil Hospital after being called a coward. Despite showing symptoms of the virus, the 29-year-old medical oncologist, Dr Satish Sharma, working at the institute said that he felt the need to get tested when he developed a sore throat after contracting a fever and fatigue.

Meanwhile, our heart goes out to Devrambhai’s family who is reportedly still confused about whether their loved one is alive or not. We wish, in such desperate times, the authorities are more professional in their jobs!