Hyderabad: As weed supplies run dry across the country due to the coronavirus lockdown, many people in desperation are trying different ways to score cannabis. Because, for many people getting high is a priority and they are willing to go to great lengths to procure their stash.Also Read - Andhra Man Tries To Smuggle 1.7 Kg Weed From US Into India Through Sleeping Bags, Busted

One such case happened in Hyderabad where a youth and his friend rode a bike 600 km from Hyderabad to Chhattisgarh to score some ganja, according to The New Indian Express report. Also Read - Hyderabad Paan Vendor Arrested for Selling Weed Chocolates, Over 200 Flavours Seized

The two men named Yashwanth Kumar and Ganesh went to pick up cannabis  from the Telangana-Chhattisgarh border, and managed to bag 2 whole kilos of it, while managing to avoid around 100 checkposts on the way back.

However, Rachakonda police who were conducting vehicle checks caught hold of Yashwanth at the Pantangi toll plaza since pillion riding is prohibited now. His friend Ganesh somehow escaped.

When the police searched his bike, they found the stash of ganja. The police further ran an enquiry on him and found out that he has various theft cases against him.

As per reports, Yashwanth is addicted to ganja, could not source the intoxicant due to the lockdown.