Do you believe in magic? You are in for a treat because irrespective of whether you believe in magic or believe that magicians rely solely on tricks and optical illusions to mesmerize people. Britain’s Got Talent has four judges, Simon Cowell, Alesha Dixon, Amanda Holden and David Walliams. So we have a talent judge, a singer, a writer and a comedian to judge the contestants. Also Read - Hair Loss in Women And How to Treat it Well: Dermatologist Geetika Mittal Shares Best Tips

Magic is not always easy to explain but there are usually one or several ways to explain how a trick was executed. Jamie Raven is at a stunning level of his art where he manages to pull off a magic trick involving cards and money while four judges watch along with the entire studio audience. We are not jumping the gun here by loosely labeling it the best magic trick because Jamie Raven performs while he is being recorded for several vantage points to catch any trickery. [Also Watch: This monkey could not resist laughing after seeing magic!] Also Read - Nia Sharma Trolled For Cutting a Cake Shaped Like Male Genitalia on Her 30th Birthday - Watch Video

His first trick is showing the judges, the studio audience and the cameras a 50 pound sterling currency note. He has his sleeves rolled up over his elbows so he can’t replace the note with another note. He simply folds the currency note and when he unfolds it something truly magical happens. The note is no longer a standard British currency note as it now has transformed into a Britain’s Got Talent currency note with the pictures of all four judges on it. Also Read - Rapper Kanye West Urinates on His Grammy Award, Shocking Video Leaves The Internet Stunned

For his next act which is the way better than the currency note trick he pulls out a deck of cards. He asks David, Alesha and Amanda to choose a suite, colour and number of card. He then gives Simon Cowell the chance to stick with their combination of card or go for a completely different card. He does not touch the deck of cards nor does he ask any of the judges to remove a card from the deck. What he does at the end of the video will truly blow your mind.