“Religion is the opium of the people”, Karl Marx noted in the 19th century. As it goes, his words are as relevant today. Be it religion, race, caste or community, people are very touchy and emotional about it. This incident proves it further. Recently, online retail giant Amazon came up with a print ad thanking the people of India in its different languages. This was clearly an intent to get an emotional advantage with the audience and the customer in India. While many applauded Amazon’s move, some were really offended. Here’s why… Also Read - Mukesh Ambani's Reliance Industries Offers to Sell $20 Billion Stake In Retail Arm to Amazon: Report

The Sindhi language, which is one of the 22 official languages as mentioned by the Indian constitution, was royally ignored by Amazon. Predictably, people offended by it carried out a media movement against Amazon. This is one of the notes that went viral on Facebook and Twitter: Also Read - Amazon to Invest $18 Billion This Year to Help SMBs Grow

The issue in this case is not about the fact that people get offended for reasons of community and languages, but that there is undue time and energy being wasted on irrelevant issues. The note reads, “Please write something (on the Amazon India Facebook Page) so that they know that it is a huge error (to miss thanking in Sindhi) that needs to be fixed.”

It can be quite safe to assume that this must have been a genuine miss by the advertisers, but it is certainly not a ‘huge error’. How will reprinting the Amazon ads help any community in any way? Does the demand serve any real purpose? Will it will help any person or community? If not, those making it sound like the biggest issue our country has to deal with are simply ‘rebels without a cause’.

Bringing up such redundant issues and making it sound big has left the bigger issues go unattended and left the entire system in a disarray. Wake up rebels, there are enough ‘real’ issues to deal with already in India!