Wuhan: After rumours claimed that animals spread the deadly coronavirus, frantic citizens in China are now hurling their pet cats and dogs from apartments. Horrific images of bloodied corpses of cats and dogs lying on the roads have been the doing the rounds on social media, shocking everyone.Also Read - India's Second Coronavirus Case Reported In Kerala, Patient Kept in Isolation

The panic was caused by a statement by Dr Li Lanjuan who originally said that if a pet has come in contact with a person with the virus, the pet should be quarantined, just to be safe. However, panicked pet owners took this advice in the wrong way and started pushing dogs and cats from high-rise apartments. Also Read - Coronavirus: Maldives Thanks India For Airlifting Seven Citizens From Wuhan

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Meanwhile, China Global Television Network’s official Weibo account tried to try to put an end to the rumour by quoting WHO.

“There is no evidence showing that pets such as cats and dogs can contract the novel coronavirus, the World Health Organisation said on Wednesday in one of its responses to people’s concerns over the recent virus outbreak. The organisation suggested washing hands with soap and water to prevent other germs from transmitting between humans and animals,” it posted.


There were even some flyers, saying that local authorities have threatened to catch and kill dogs and cats if they catch any on the streets.