New Delhi: Amid a nationwide coronavirus scare, people are taking all the necessary precautions to avoid contracting the virus. From purchasing N-95 masks to hoarding sanitisers and soaps, panic-stricken citizens are willing to do anything to keep the deadly virus at bay.Also Read - Cow Urine Used to Prepare Medicines For Cancer, AYUSH Also Working on it: MoS Health Ashwini Choubey

And now, a brand has come up with a cow urine-based sanitizer, which is alcohol-free! Available on Amazon, the Cowpathy sanitizer is made of ‘distilled cow urine obtained from indigenous cows’. Also Read - Imran Khan Government Sacks Minister Who Called Hindus 'Cow Urine Drinking People'

Don’t worry about the smell because it is mixed with aromatic essential oil and Ganga jal. Also Read - Amazon India to Soon Sell Cow Urine, Dung Based Soaps & Face Packs Made by RSS-backed Group

The product description reads as, ”Distilled Cow Urine, obtained from Indigenous cows is gelled with aromatic essential oil and Gangajal to make antiseptic Cowpathy Alcohol free Hand Sanitizer.”

Further, numerous qualities of the sanitizer is listed as below:

  • Cow Urine is antiseptic, detoxifies, heals wounds, hydrates skin

  • Vegan Product Doesn’t Dry skin

  • Smells Aromatic Essential oil on every wash. (Doesn’t smell Cow Urine)

  • Keeps hands smooth and nourished

However, the product won’t really serve our purpose because it’s alcohol free. The Centre for Diseases Control and Prevention (CDCP), has clearly said that only those hand sanitizers, that have at least 60 per cent of alcohol can kill nCoV-19 microbes. And this particular hand sanitizer which is alcohol-free, will not be able to protect us from the virus.

The product has been on Amazon since 2018 but recently got popular due to Coronavirus.