There have been a number of pictures and videos that have surfaced both internationally and locally to create awareness about the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. While some use simple techniques to warn people about the dangers of the virus and educate them about social distancing, cops in Andhra Pradesh have gone a little a bit further to get the message across. Also Read - India Well Prepared, Coronavirus Impact Will be 'Much Smaller And Manageable': Niti Aayog

In the Dhone town of Kurnool district, the police has hired local artists and dressed them up as Yamraj, Chitragupta and Corona. The artists, accompanied by the police, go around the town and make announcements about the coronavirus pandemic and urging people to stay home. Also Read - Maanvi Gagroo Reveals She Broke Down Upon Hearing About Plight of Migrant Workers

“This time, we have taken up a unique concept. We brought artists in the form of Yamraj, Chitragupta & Corona. This is to give message that ‘if anybody comes out streets, Yamraj is looking & he’ll take them away,” Sudhakar Reddy, Circle Inspector of Dhone rural police station said. Also Read - Sharad Kelkar Talks About Coronavirus Lockdown And What he Misses Most

In another instance, a cop in Peapally Mandal, Kurnool district was photographed riding a horse painted with images of the #COVID19 virus. Sub Inspector Maruti Sankar wanted to create awareness among the public about the virus and also social distancing and self-isolation during the coronavirus pandemic.

His efforts however were not met with favour among netizens as they felt that it was animal abuse.

As of now, the death toll due to the coronavirus pandemic has gone up to 38 and the number of infected cases has gone up to 1,637 in the country.