New Delhi: Within the Arctic Circle lies a wonderful phenomenon, where people spend months without sunlight. Yes, it is unbelievable but true! In the Utqiaġvik town of Alaska, months go by when the sun doesn’t rise above the horizon for more than 24 hours. Also Read - US: 7.5 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Off Alaska Coast Triggering Tsunami Warning

Called as polar night, residents of America’s northernmost town of Utqiaġvik watched this phenomenon happening this Wednesday. The small town located north of the Arctic Circle has entered its annual phase of darkness, known as polar night. Also Read - US, Canadian Fighter Jets Intercept Russian Bombers Off Alaska: NORAD

This year, the sun has set below the horizon for the final time in 2020 at 1:30 PM in Alaska Standard Time and will not see the rise again until January 23, 2021. Polar night is a term used when night lasts for more than 24 hours inside the polar circles. Also Read - Aparna Kumar Climbs Mount Denali, Becomes First IPS Officer to Complete 'Seventh Summit' Challenge

Polar night doesn’t mean the town will be completely dark. Most daytime hours will go through periods known as civil twilight.

According to updates, the farther north of the Arctic Circle, the longer the polar night becomes. This can range from 27 days in Arctic Village to 65 days in Utqiaġvik.