The celestial phenomenon of the annular solar eclipse or ring of fire will take place on December 26, 2019. The eclipse will be visible in some parts of India. The annular solar eclipse is a very rare phenomenon as it occurs when the moon’s diameter is smaller than the sun’s diameter. As a result, it blocks most of the sun’s light and makes it appear like a ring.Also Read - Tirumala Temple to Be Shut For 13 Hours Due to Solar Eclipse, Here's Why Temples Are Closed During Eclipse

Solar Eclipse Date and Timings:

In India, the solar eclipse will begin at 9:96 am and will continue till 11:13 am. It will be third and the last solar eclipse of this year. The eclipse will start at 8:04 am and will be a total solar eclipse by 9: 25 am. At that time, the sun will appear like a ring surrounding the moon. At one moment of the eclipse, the sun will appear like a diamond ring. Also Read - Total Solar Eclipse 2019: Precautions, Do's And Don'ts That Need to be Taken Care of During Surya Grahan

As per the latest reports, The solar eclipse will be visible in Kurukshetra, Haryana after a gap of 10 years. It will also be visible in the states of Tamil Nadu. Also Read - Total Solar Eclipse 2019: Know Date, Timings, Where And How to Witness it

The Lord Ayyappa temple in Sabrimala, Kerela will be closed for four hours during the solar eclipse. Some of the other temples will also remain closed during the eclipse.

Is it safe to watch?

An annular solar eclipse is not safe to watch with bare eyes. A specific glasses are available through which this phenomenon can be witnessed without damaging the eyes. The partial eclipse requires the same precautions as the total solar eclipse. People can also watch it through a pinhole camera or special eclipse protection glasses.

Watching a solar eclipse with naked eyes can be harmful. You should always wear some safety equipment. A major misconception is that you can use sunglasses to look at the sun during an eclipse, however, that is not true.

What is a solar eclipse?

A solar eclipse is a celestial phenomenon that takes place when the Sun, Moon, and Earth are aligned in a straight line. During the eclipse, the Moon blocks the Sun’s path making it appear like a disk. During the solar eclipse, it turns totally dark as Moon blocks sunlight to reach Earth.