Anonymous Hacktivists Return After George Floyd Murder, ‘Expose’ Files on Donald Trump’s Child Trafficking-Princess Diana’s Alleged Killing

Making netizens jaws drop as they furbished one 'proof' after another, hacktivist group Anonymous re-emerged after George Floyd's murder and took down the Minneapolis Police website to 'expose their many crimes to the world'

Published: June 3, 2020 5:42 PM IST

By Zarafshan Shiraz

Hacker-activist group 'Anonymous' furbish 'proofs' against Trump, the British Royal family and others
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As the world scrolled through baited breaths, hacker activist group or hacktivists – Anonymous re-emerged on May 31 after they last addressed the citizens digitally in 2016, this time enraged with George Floyd’s murder. Calling it the “tip of the iceberg”, Anonymous released a fresh video where a guy in the groups trademark Guy Fawkes mask declared total war against the Minneapolis Police whose officer Derek Chauvin and two others where recorded on camera, mercilessly murdering Floyd.

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Criticising the US police system, the hacktivist said that the “legion” does not trust the police to deliver justice, the group shared several footage of injustices of the US Police in the past. Giving data of the “high profile killings in the past” by Minnesota Police, the Anonymous claimed that the police “has been lying” and escaping punishment since the victims were dead with the truth.

“This travesty has gone on for far too long and now the people have had enough” says the hacktivist speaking before the camera, addressing the Minneapolis Police. Going on to share video footage of police brutality with Floyd recorded from different angles, they then share collected proofs of the grim past of the officers involved.

The message ends with a chilling warning for the Minneapolis Police saying that “we will be exposing your many crimes to the world” before signing off by saying, “We are legion! Expect us.” Within 24 hours of releasing the video, they hacked the Minneapolis Police website and also hijacked the Chicago Police Department’s radio systems. In a suspected bid to stop the police from communicating about the protesters as protests across the country raged on, Anonymous played NWA’s “F*** the police” song on the radio.

Going on, Anonymous furbished ‘proof’ against everything the Internet had asked including separate files on US President Donald Trump and Jeffery Epstein’s child trafficking ring. It is interesting to note that at the time of latter’s death, Trump had claimed to not know the disgraced financier. Apart from Trump, Anonymous named celebrities like Bill Gates, Naomi Campbell, Bill Clinton, Chris Tucker, the Kennedy’s and Mick Jagger’s involvement with Epstein while also calling out the Princes, countless CEOs and other influential and powerful people. All this connected dots to Epstein’s fearlessness in facing prosecution when he was alive.

Accusing Jeffrey Epstein of ‘recruiting children’ and Trump of raping minors, Anonymous leaked “The Little Black Book of Jeffrey Epstein” and also a folder on organized crime. They cited these to be the reason behind Russia blackmailing Trump as it allegedly has all the necessary evidence against him.

Setting the internet on chaotic frenzy, Anonymous then alleged Princess Diana’s murder by the Royal Family. A tweet by the group asserts that Princess Diana was working on collecting testimonies of victims of a sex trafficking ring that the royal family had been involved and after learning about the same, chose tor to expose their crimes. Claiming that the car accident was staged, Anonymous tweeted that the royal family had murdered Diana on August 31, 1997. Princess Diana, who had divorced Prince Charles by then and her rumoured beau Dodi Al Fayed, both died in the accident after her Mercedes crashed inside a tunnel in Paris.

Moving beyond the US, Anonymous then targetted Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro. They leaked personal information including addresses, income and other personal assets of Jair Bolsonaro, Flávio Bolsonaro, Carlos Bolsonaro, state deputy Douglas Garcia (PSL-SP), the Minister of Education Abraham Weintraub, Daniela Weintraub (Abraham Weintraub’s wife), the Minister of Women, Family and Human Rights Damares Alves, and Luciano Hang (co-founder of department store chain Havan).

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Published Date: June 3, 2020 5:42 PM IST