Gurugram: Ever since COVID-19 broke out of China’s Wuhan, Indians have increasingly made citizens from Northeast, targets of racial discrimination and abuse. In another such incident, a 20-year-old girl from Manipur was brutally attacked and assaulted by some locals from Faizapur, Gurugram when she was in the area to meet a friend. Also Read - How Racially-Motivated Spit Attacks & Hate Crimes Across the World Are More Deadly Than Coronavirus

It all happened when Chong Hoi Misao was returning after meeting her friend when she was stopped by an elderly woman, who claimed that it was private property.

The old woman then started hurling abuses and racially-charged slurs at Misao following which she asked the elderly woman to speak politely, but was allegedly called ‘corona’ in return, as per an East Mojo report.

Seeing them engaged in a spat, the family members of the woman, including her daughter-in-law and her son, came out and started beating Misao with sticks which rendered her unconscious. Thankfully, some locals came to her rescue and called up the police.

However, that was of no help, because shockingly, the police officials told Misao to compromise. She then called the North East Support Centre & Helpline (NESCH) who reached the location around 8:30 pm and took her to immediate medical care.

An FIR was also successfully lodged at the medical centre under supervision of a woman officer. Misao is now currently under medical treatment and waiting for her CT scan results.

In a similar incident in March, a 26-year-old MPhil Scholar from the University of Delhi, was allegedly spat on by a man on his scooty, who called her “Coronavirus”. The man allegedly spat all over her face, hair and T-shirt, the pictures which went viral and prompted disgust and outrage.

This racial profiling of people with Mongoloid features is heartbreaking, to say the least, and it sets a dangerous precedent for the times to come. For we will hopefully find a cure for coronavirus, but no vaccine can treat the hate within!