North Carolina: In dramatic scenes witnesses on Saturday, a group of 11 anti-lockdown demonstrators walked into a Subway sandwich shop in Raleigh, North Carolina armed with guns, pistols and rocket launchers.Also Read - Trending News Today May 12, 2020: Watch: Trump Walks Out of Press Briefing After Spat With Asian-American Reporter, Branded 'Sexist & Racist' Yet Again

Shocking images captured by photographer Travis Long show these protesters entering the shop with massive guns hung on their shoulders. According to him, one man also had a weapon resembling an AT4 rocket launcher. Also Read - Trending News Today May 8, 2020: People in US Are Organising 'COVID-19 Parties' To Intentionally Catch the Virus, Here's What Their Logic Is

In another photo, a man is seen sitting with a shotgun while he has a sandwich in his hand and has his face covered.

Since shared, the photos have gone viral, with many mocking these protesters and calling out their ‘white privilege’. Many others thought that the guns appeared to be fake and decommissionedpeol and are probably made out of plastic and wood.

Here’s how people reacted

Notably, the gathering was organized by a group called Blue Igloo as an “opportunity for First and Second Amendment supporters to get together, meet people with commonalities and get some exercise while we’re all wasting away at home,” according to its Facebook page.

As per a report by the Independent, North Carolina was already on Phase One of its reopening strategy, but protesters still took to the streets to state their support for all functions of society to reopen.