Seoul: You never know when technology can turn on you! A glaring example of it was witnessed in South Korea where a coronavirus tracking app accidentally exposed couples who were cheating on their partners. Also Read - Umm What? Man Says He Has Been Dating A Ghost For 2 Years, But Fears She's Cheating On Him Now

The expose was revealed in Channel 4’s documentary called, ‘The Country That Beat The Virus: What Can Britain Learn?’ which depicted how South Korea was able to limit the spread of Covid-19 by reacting quickly.

In one of the measures, the South Korean authorities created a public database or an advanced tracking app to keep a track of the COVID-19 positive people, including their exact movements around the country.

As per a Metro report, the extent of tracing went as far as keeping a track of the GPS on people’s phones to see where they’d been, their credit cards to check where they ate, and also used CCTV to monitor their movements too.

Giving an example of it, a local in the documentary said, ”The alert would say: Male, 58, was a banker, passed in this area, visited this hotel between these times, and then went to a cinema later on.’

He added that some people figured out as there were cases where people were in places they shouldn’t have been in, such as hotels and motels.

‘If the footage showed the patient arrived at 2 pm and left at 3 pm, they [the government] need to locate who they’d been in contact with during that time,’ one of the country’s leading scientists further explained in the documentary.

So, ultimately, the GPS tracking eventually resulted in exposing the couples who were cheating on their partner.

The country, meanwhile, has reported a total of 10,991 COVID-19 cases so far with 260 deaths.