Kapil Sharma recently was taken on board by the communication and technology company Micromax for their recent ad campaign. Micromax has introduced their newest phone with multi-lingual features. The phone boasts about being ‘desi’ and not ‘angrezi’. Micromax is one of India’s own biggest communication giant and playing on the national card has always been the prime focus of several campaigns of Micromax. Also Read - Bharti Singh Dropped From The Kapil Sharma Show? Here’s What Kiku Sharda Has to Say

Their new video featuring comic man Kapil Sharma, talks about a very important issue of this time we live in. The differences between English and all other languages. Especially, in case of our country the clash seems much more evident than others. Many a times we face this in our day to day life. Many young, literate individual or group of individuals despise another for not knowing the foreign language rather than being respected for speaking their own. Also Read - Krushna Abhishek Meets Bharti Singh After She Comes Out of Jail in Drugs Case, Says 'Kapil Sharma And I Are With Her'

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A very wise quotes says never to despise on someone, if they are not able to speak a foreign language for the simple fact, that it is a foreign language and not one’s native language. The message is clear not to discriminate or to look down upon someone, if one is conversing in Hindi, Punjabi or Marathi and not able to speak English or even understand it. (ALSO READ: The Kapil Sharma Show: Will Govinda forgive Krushna Abhishek after his apology for making fun of him?)

Learning too many languages could definitely be a talent, we don’t doubt it. But not able to master a foreign language doesn’t makes anyone lesser than you. Kapil Sharama is today one of the biggest name in the industry all because of his talent of making others laugh. Laugh and smiles doesn’t have a language and see where the man has led himself.

‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ host often takes a dig on himself for not being able to speak English fluently, unlike many other celebrities. Some celebrities doesn’t even have as much talent as much Kapil posses. Did that make a difference in his path to success.(ALSO READ: OMG! The Kapil Sharma Show actress Sumona Chakravarti caught smoking backstage, see pics)

Micromax could not have chosen a better candidate than Kapil Sharma himself to show thumbs down to who are high- headed because they know how to speak english. Kapil you gave them an answer. All we have for you to do this, is Respect!