April Fools’ Day 2017 or All Fools’ Day will be celebrated worldwide on April 1, Saturday, with individuals going all out to pull off the practical jokes and sending crazy jokes. But in India, the April Fools’ Day pranks or wishes kick-start with mandatory singing or posting the April Fools’ Day song. Yes, 1964 classic Bollywood movie song, April Fool Banaya Toh Unko Gussa Aaya sung by Mohammed Rafi is the April Fools’ Day anthem, which remains popular song even decades after the release of the movie, also titled April Fool. Either you would be busy wishing or sending this song to your family, friends or colleagues or be receiving it – either way, you cannot escape the quirky lyrics of April Fool BanayaApril Fools’ Day 2017 Jokes & Pranks: Best Quotes, SMS, Facebook Status & WhatsApp GIF image Messages to fool your friends.Also Read - April Fool's Day: This Coffee Brand Pulled a Cool Prank on Us & We Aren't Complaining!

If early morning you receive a Facebook notification on a tagged video or a WhatsApp forward to hear the ‘best song you’ve never heard’, my dear friend, you’re in trouble! The most classic April Fools’ Day prank played in India is sending the loud and funny song from Biswajeet and Saira Banu starrer April Fool film. The song has beautiful yesteryear actress, Saira Banu who seems quite grumpy in this song with an overjoyed hero singing April Fool Banaya Unka Gussa Aaya, which roughly translates to ‘I made her a fool, which made her angry’. April Fools’ Day 2017: 7 Easy pranks to play on your friends, family and colleagues on Fools’ Day. Also Read - Have You Received Delhi & Mumbai Lockdown Guidelines on WhatsApp? Here's The Truth Behind Viral Post

The first day of April has become synonymous with the date when becoming a fool is considered to be the cool thing. Fun loving people enjoy taking this opportunity to come up with the most innovative pranks and tricks to make their loved ones into an ‘April Fool’. Also Read - April Fool’s Day 2021: History, Origin And How it Got Started

April Fools’ Day is the one day when you can get away with playing pranks on the people and is allowed to be mean by playing funny tricks on everyone. It is the day for the mischievous member of the gang to relish the time and play pranks that help spread some laughter. April Fools pranks and jokes have been our source of entertainment for a very long time and everyone from media houses to large brands take the opportunity to make a fool of everyone!