April Fools’ Day 2017 Jokes & Pranks: Best Quotes, SMS, Facebook Status & WhatsApp GIF image Messages to fool your friends

Happy April Fools' Day 2017 best jokes and pranks: If you’re just not happy with sending jokes and memes, try reading our easy pranks to play on your friends, family and colleagues on Fools’ Day article.

Updated: March 31, 2017 12:43 PM IST

By Rashmi Mishra

April Fools’ Day 2017 Jokes & Pranks: Best Quotes, SMS, Facebook Status & WhatsApp GIF image Messages to fool your friends

In the Indian subcontinent, if the atmosphere is filled with the song, April Fool Banaya by Mohammed Rafi, you must very well know what it is all about.  April Fools’ Day also called All Fools’ Day will be celebrated on Saturday, April 1 worldwide – so brace yourself, pranks and practical jokes are upon us. Everyone across the globe would join in to pull the best of pranks in person or be sending funny messages, mean jokes, SMS, crazy April Fools’ Day quotes, rib-tickling WhatsApp GIF images, all with the sole purpose of fooling and troubling the person you intend to send the message. The newspapers and online publications will be filled with hoaxes and shocking fake news globally. Yes, April Fools’ Day gives you the license to be hilarious but do not go overboard with the pranks or sending sensational SMSes, which ends up backfiring. But why do we celebrate this totally awesome day of trickery, pranks and jokes, the annual tradition that gives a person a free hand to fool your friends and colleagues without having one bit of remorse? April Fools’ Day 2017: 7 Easy pranks to play on your friends, family and colleagues on Fools’ Day.

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April Fools’ Day is celebrated since the 19th century, though the popular tradition is not a public holiday. This day of trickery would probably be the only celebration when people do not wish for a day off as they can pull off a number of practical jokes on their friends from school and colleges to colleagues at workplace. There are a number of theories like French Revolution or Julian calendar behind the origin of April Fools’ Day, but none of them is as concrete and amusing like the change in the Gregorian calendar. April Fools’ Day: Why do we celebrate April Fool, History, Origin and Significance.

The historians pinpoint Pope Gregory XIII to be the mastermind behind the All Fools’ Day. It is believed that he adopted the Gregorian calendar in 1582, which moved our year from March to January 1. Despite the significant change being widely notified through aggressive advertisements, few people missed it, and they celebrated New Year with enthusiasm – naturally appearing foolish paupers. When they were ridiculed for their widespread celebrations, that day became the April Fools’ Day or All Fool’s Day. But the day is one of its kind when the people celebrating can create new history (yes, every family and friends’ circle have their own crazy April Fools’ Day history).

April Fools’ Day 2017 falls on the weekend, which means there are limited ways to pull off a practical joke on your colleagues and friends in person. Don’t you worry, in times as such we have some nasty, retard and humorous collection of April Fools’ Day jokes and memes could be useful. Here’s a look at the list of April Fools’ Day Jokes including Best Quotes, SMS, Facebook Status & WhatsApp GIF image Message forwards to fool not only friends but also family, relatives, colleagues and absolute random people. Why spare any of them!

April Fools Day 2017 SMS

WhatsApp Reads:  You’re full of life; You’re full of surprise; You’re full of wisdom; You’re full of – At times I find you’re fully numb, And other times, you’re fully dumb. In short, you’re a bloody fool. Happy April Fools’ Day!

WhatsApp GIF image message: Everything has a day. Every pet has a day. Every fool too has a day. Hope you might have enjoyed your day. Happy April Fool Day!

April Fools Day 2017 messages2

WhatsApp Reads: Oct-2 for Gandhi, Nov-14 for Nehru, Apr-24 for Sachin, Aug-15 for India, Apr-01 only for YOU. So Enjoy the day !!!

April Fools Day 2017 messages1

WhatsApp Reads: Is kadar hum aapko chahte hain, Ki duniya wale dekh ke jal jaate hain, Is kadar hum aapko chahte hain, Ki duniya wale dekh ke jal jaate hain, Yun to hum sabhi ko ULLU banate hain, Lekin aap thoda JALDI ban jaate hain, Happy April Fools’ day.

April Fools Day 2017 messages

WhatsApp Reads: I hereby certify and swear that I would never ever in my life make you a FOOL on 1st April. For that all the other 364 days of the year are more than enough. Happy All Fools’ Day 2017!

April Fools Day 2017 jokes3

WhatsApp Reads: A recent study has proved that Fools use their thumb while reading SMS. Now it’s too late, Don’t try to change your finger! Try to catch some other fool!

WhatsApp GIF image message: If people talk about your beauty, your power, your wisdom or your smartness, then just give them a tight slap…How dare they FOOL you! Happy April Fool!

April Fools Day 2017 jokes

WhatsApp Reads:  A – You are Attractive, B – You are the Best, C – You are Cute, D – You are Dear to Me, E – You are Excellent, F – You are Funny, G – You are Good-Looking, H – Hehehe, I – I’m, J – JOKING. Happy April Fools’ Day!

April Fools Day 2017 gif

WhatsApp Reads: Storms die; Songs fade; Flowers wither; Misfortune ends; Great parties finish. But people like you remain forever… because ghosts never die! Happy April Fools’ Day 2017!

WhatsApp GIF image message: 31st March Or 1st April, Fool is Fool doesn’t matter. Wishing very happy, prosperous and joyful, Fool Day to the King of Fools.

April Fools Day 2017 jokes SMSes

WhatsApp Reads: The Men who are feeling left out because of Women’s Day, Don’t feel sad… Men’s day is coming soon, just that across the world it’s called by a different name on April 1st!

April Fools Day 2017 jokes pics1

WhatsApp Reads: Q: What will be the girl’s name born on 1st of APRIL? Guess, Guess, Guess – A: FOOLAN DEVI!

April Fools Day 2017 jokes pics

WhatsApp Reads: Best relationships needs no promises, no demands and no expectations… it just needs two people. One fool like you; And one cool like me. Happy April Fool!

April Fools Day 2017 jokes messages

WhatsApp Reads: Someone…Misses U…Needs U…Worries about U, Is lonely without U, Guess Who? A Monkey in the ZOO.

We hope you found these WhatsApp forwards and pictures helpful in pulling a fast one on your friends at the same time setting some of the funny jokes as your Facebook status on the April Fools’ Day. If you’re still feeling itchy about not being satisfied with just sending jokes, you should totally be reading easy pranks to play on your friends, family and colleagues on Fools’ Day, published on India.com. Yes, go bat shit crazy this April Fools’ Day 2017 but don’t be an asshole by hurting feelings all in the name of All Fools’ Day. (Pictures Designed By: Jyoti Desale Pashte). 

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Updated Date: March 31, 2017 12:43 PM IST