Again, it is that time of the year when we can play a prank on other people without any guilt. The celebration of this day has been originated in Europe. But now the whole world celebrates April Fools’ Day. This year Easter Sunday, as well as April Fools’ Day, is on the same day i.e. Sunday. This has been a contagious affair for a long time. And as we live in the highly connected global world we dedicate 1st of April as a day for fools. Also Read - Pranksters Change The Iconic Hollywood Sign to 'Hollyboob' For Breast Cancer Awareness, Arrested

Historians are still not sure about the exact roots of April Fools’ Day. The most popular belief is that the beginnings of April Fools’ Day are totally based on the change of calendar from the Julian to the Gregorian one. It is believed that Pope Gregory XIII was the one to be blamed. He ruled the new calendar to start from January 1, instead of the previous celebration of the new year at the end of March. Though, the change in the annual calendar was brought into practice by France. But across Europe, the people continued to follow the Julian calendar. And those who failed to register the use of new date and ended up celebrating New Year in April has been marked as ‘Fools’. Hence, a particular day for fools came into being. Also Read - International Joke Day 2020: After a Day of Hard Work And Stress, Chill And Have Fun Reading These Jokes

The anniversary of the French Revolution is also on April 1. Apparently at the expense of the French and the English public King George III of England cracked a joke. Few people believe that the April Fools’ Day comes from the idea of “renewal festivals”. The festival which marked the end of winter and the beginning of spring. In Nottinghamshire, the town of Gotham is also related to the April Fools’ Day celebrations. Behind the celebration of April Fools’ Day, there is some Roman Mythological belief as well. Also Read - International Picnic Day 2020: 8 Quotes And Sayings That Describe a Picnic

So, whatever the reasons may be for celebrating April Fools’ Day the facts is this is the one day when people play a prank with one another without hurting them. And the entire day becomes very cheerful. This is the best day for all the pranksters. People try to get the best laughs out of the day.