On April Fool’s Day, every year Google do something out-of-the-box that engage its users. From bizarre pranks to next level technology, Google is known for its creativity and unique ideas. This year, Google has introduced a new version of the classic Arcade game Snake to Google Maps app and it is available for all the iOS and Android users. The only difference in the game is that instead of navigating snake to grab fruits, the app lets you navigate the bus and the aim is to pick up passengers. Google has also announced that the game will even be available after ‘long after April Foolsss is over’. Also Read - Snake Dreams Meaning: What Does it Mean if You’re Dreaming About Snakes During Pregnancy

Steps to play Snakes on Google Maps:

♦ Go to Google Maps app Also Read - Unwelcome Guests: Family Shocked to Discover 4 Snakes Living in Their Roof

♦ Tap on the Account Settings option Also Read - Google Maps Will Be More Useful With 4 New AI Advancements | Details Here

♦ Tap on the new Snakes option

♦ Google Maps will take you to the game and then click on Start option

♦ Select the city you want to play the game from which includes Cairo, São Paulo, London, Sydney, San Francisco, Tokyo and World.

♦ Navigate the bus to pick up the passenger and earn points.

April Fool’s Day jokes around the world:

Google Assistant:

Like every year, Google Assistant will tell you the most common April Fool’s day prank and will avoid being pranked.

Google Tulip (Netherlands):

Google Netherlands has developed a Google Tulip, which is the new version of Google Assistant that can talk to Tulips. Watch here:

Gboard Spoon Bending Version (Japan):

Google Japan has launched a Gboard Spoon Bending Version through which you can give commands to Google by just bending the spoon. Watch the video here:

Happy April Fool’s Day!