For the longest time, the women’s magazines have been talking about erogenous zones and the importance of stimulation to achieve sexual satisfaction. Also Read - Not Numerous Sexual Partners But Family is What Makes People Happy, Reveals Study

However what if we told you that these so-called zones are not the only ones to put you in a sexy mood. Also Read - Hot Yoga Can Help Adults in Managing Blood Pressure Issues, Reveals Study

Australia vibrator company Smile Makers decided to research this topic and researched numerous studies so that they could decode the myth about erogenous zones. Also Read - Grass Pollen Can Help Predict When Hay Fever And Asthma Could Strike

According to a British study by Cortex, 300 men and 500 women were asked to rate in-between 0-10 about their sexual arousal on 41 different areas of the body. They included everything from the belly-button to the elbows.

What wasn’t a surprise is that the genitals in both men and women were the most erogenous areas.

However what was surprising was that the study showed that women were more reactive in terms of erogenous zones than men.

The bulk of the women defied six major areas as ‘intensely erogenous’ which are clitoris, vagina, mouth, lips, top of the neck, breasts and nipples.

The men majorly reported three intensely erogenous zones including the penis, mouth and lips.

This does not mean that men have fewer erogenous zones, they reported them as less sensitive than women.

As per Daily Mail, A sexologist from Smile Makers said, “Because in reality, the whole body can become erogenous. And that is no accident, when an erogenous zone is stimulated, impulses are sent via nerves to the cortex and areas responsible for sexual pleasure, And, according to another study, from Finland, if nature has made our whole body sensitive rather than our only genitals, it would be to multiply the opportunities to stimulate another kind of nerve endings, the C-tactile fibers, which play a role in the emergence of deeper emotions that build a relationship with our partner.”

The expert further added, “In short, nature would have scattered sensors throughout our body capable of awakening our desire to push us to seek physical contact, which would strengthen our social bonds essential to the survival of the human species. So every inch of our skin can become a source of arousal. It would be a shame to set in stone once and for all our erogenous zones on a map and be satisfied only with the places we know. We would miss out on sensorial and orgasmic experiences.”