The wedding season is again here! Mehendi, sangeet, lehengas have once again become the theme of the country. And with that comes our parents, relatives, neighbors who all become equally more interested in our future lives. We are almost left tortured by the end of it and even makes us think if we should get married. Then the war in our head begins, if we aren’t kids still who like to wake up late in the morning, come home after late night parties and hang out with friends? Then how are we going to convince ourselves, get married and be the good better half? Also Read - No More Searching For That Envelope! Madurai Couple Prints QR Code on Wedding Card For Guests to Transfer Gift Cash

Although we scream ‘No’ in our heads, we have to give convincing answers to everyone around. And it seems that Superwoman aka Lilly Singh’s condition is no different. So, Superwoman who shares our thoughts have listed down reasons why she doesn’t want to get married. And we are sure you will relate to each of her hilarious reasoning. While Superwoman has found the reasons to not get married, we are yet to find ours. [Also Read- The Great Kerala funny wedding fall: Oops! Things didn’t go as well as planned for this guy(Watch Video)] Also Read - Reason Why Wedding Rings Are Worn on The Fourth Finger of Your Left Hand

 Lilly can probably give you a few tips to convince your parents. Watch the video below and let us know if you believe the same. Also Read - Man Marries 2 Women At The Same Time As He Loves Both of Them, Wives Say They Are 'Very Happy' | Watch